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16 Must-Follow Facebook Pages About Golf

Posted by Josh Sleiff on Feb 2, 2018 12:48:51 PM

There is a plethora of Golf Facebook pages today, with each of them focused on a different aspect of the game. Given below is a list of top golf facebook pages that give you a more wholesome picture of the game.

1. Golfing World: This page gives you a sneak peek at exclusive golf events, exclusive golf tours and exclusive reviews of new courses from around the world. The information is presented in the form of videos. Amateurs can also look up instructions videos to pick up a tip or two.

2. Golf Channel Academy: One of the best golf facebook pages and a treat for amateur golfers who want to learn the game quickly. You can see a whole lot of instruction videos and connect with pros for tips. Learning Golf couldn’t get easier or smarter than this.

3. Golf Life Deals: Golfing gear or equipment is a big factor in a Golfer’s success. That is why this page offers tips about the game, about the equipment, their manufacturers, etc. If that is not all, you can also see clips about courses, resorts and PGA pros.

4. Get Back to Golf: Get informal, get funny is the mantra of Get Back to Golf. This page works like a daily digest with jokes, memes, video blogs (vlogs) about Golf course, about testing your Golf gear, and a whole lot of humor. It connects you with new Golfers all the time. 

5. I’d Rather be Golfing: Unlike the name which gives an impression that the page is designed for serious golfers, this Facebook page demystifies the game with humor and memes. But don’t get the idea it’s all trash! There is a tip or two on the game that you can pick up every day!

6. Me and My Golf: While Golf Channel Academy is a comprehensive Golf learning platform, ‘Me and My Golf’ takes a more focused view, concentrating on fitness and mental aptitude of the player. It then goes into specific technicalities around swinging, putting etc. This helps the user polish his game and stay fit. 

7. All things Golf: This page introduces you to one of the most vibrant Golf communities in the online world. Here, golf lovers gather to chat, share tips on the game, and provide articles or updates on Golf events. Amateur Golfers can benefit from instruction videos about the game. 

8. Golf Tips Magazine: This is one of the most popular print magazines about the game, and which has been around since 1988. It has a huge readership from people who would like to stay update with Golf events and developments in the game. They also have a Facebook page now which presents the same information in easy-to-digest formats. 

9. Golf Magic: If you want Golf related information from around the world and not just US alone, Golf Magic is the place. Here you can find news, views and reviews about the game, from all over the world. 

10. Golf Channel: As the name indicates, this is the Facebook page of the Golf Channel, a channel uniquely dedicated to Golf and managed by the NBC Sports Group. Established by Golfing legend Arnold Palmer, feeds from this page carry in-depth information on technicalities of the game. 

11. Golf Digest: This is a regular feed with all the latest information on techniques to improve the game, top professionals of the game, their gaming culture, their fitness regimens, top golfing destinations of the world, etc. 

12. The Golf Fix: Hosted by Michael Breed, the show offers tips and techniques to improve one’s game, quickly and effectively. 

13. Nike Golf: Hosted by Nike which manufacturers Golf gear and apparel, this page goes beyond just golfing gear. One can see inspirational videos or receive latest news and updates about the industry. 

14. The Social Golfer: As the name implies, this is a vibrant community of Golfers. Members can find new partners to play with, new groups, local events, golf societies to engage with. One can also participate in chats and forum discussions. 

15. The Memorial Tournament: Part of the PGA Tour, the Memorial Tournament is a popular event. The Facebook page shares information on the event, videos, photos, updates, contests, promotions, fun facts and event trivia.

16. PGA Tour: This is the facebook page of the organization with the same name. Established by Golfing professionals who are members of this organization, the page offers information on Golfing opportunities in the US and abroad.

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