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4 Best Golf Apps to Use While Traveling This Winter

Posted by Josh Sleiff on Nov 16, 2017 8:25:00 PM

While Golf remains one of the most popular sports in the US, in recent years, Golf apps for smartphones have helped bridge the information gap and popularize the game even more.  Learners, amateurs and experienced golfers are accessing Golf apps to record their game, analyze it, analyze their mind-frame, seek live guidance or just play a virtual game on their phones with buddies.

The popularity of Golf apps helps overcome some of its limitations. Learning the game involves familiarizing rules off a 200-page rule book. Further, in an increasingly hurried world, one does not have the time to spend years mastering the game. Quick guidance and quick information are always welcome. Further, Golf apps help break down barriers in what is regarded as an ‘elitist’ or ‘expensive’ game and bring a whole generation of golf lovers on a common platform.

So this winter, don’t be left behind when your friends or acquaintances are turning to Golf apps for various benefits. We will ensure you don’t, so we have compiled a short list of 4 apps that are good to have on your phone and used regularly.


1.V1 Golf – your Golf Coach

Published by V1 Sports, V1 Golf set of apps which include V1 Golf Plus and V1 Golf Premium Unlocker are available for both iOS and Android users. They can be downloaded from the iTunes or Playstores as free trials or regular, paid versions.

Using V1 Golf, you can record your swings, play it in slow motion or frame-by-frame to analyze the same and compare it with that of Pros. You can access over 50 swings from PGA, LPGA and Champions tour players. You can trim and edit your video and create an online locker to store your swings.

2.Visulax Golf – your Sports Psychologist

As lot of Golfers will tell you, the sport is a mental one like chess. It requires a sound strategy, a calm mind-frame, the correct physical balance, and the right way of teeing.

Visulax Golf published by Prajnu Inc helps you fine-tune your balance, timing, teeing, how to manage anger, distractions etc. The app offers both visualization and relaxation techniques for all levels of players.

Visulax Golf is available for both iOS and Android users.

3.Nike+ Training Club – your personal trainer

While Golf is a mental sport, physical fitness surely adds value to a Golfer’s game. It gives him or her - the stamina to endure 4 hours on an 18-hole Course, improve posture, gait, and hence the tee or swing.

Nike Training Club acts as a trainer by offering a whole range of workouts and exercises for golfers of different fitness levels. Some of these workouts feature top Nike athletes and trainers, and help you get lean, toned, strong and focused.

The app is published by Nike Inc and is available for both iOS and Android users.

4.Game Golf – your statistician

Golfers need statistics to monitor and improve their game which is what Game Golf precisely offers. Use the app and tap it before every shot to track your game and then examine statistics on how you are performing.

The app is published by a company of the same name and is available for both iOS and Android users.

Even though you might be traveling for your golf this winter, it doesn't mean you can't make sure your game is on point for next season with these great apps! In the meantime, learn some facts about our Single Golf Membership.

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