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Best Equipment to Add to Your Golf Bag this Season

Posted by Josh Sleiff on Mar 15, 2018 3:00:00 PM

Golf in the Northeast is a seasonal game. Each fall, players put away their bags and are forced to wait for the snow to melt and putting greens to take shape before getting back onto the course. Once the flowers start to bloom, the rounds begin. If you have recently become reacquainted with your golf bag and are looking to make some improvements this spring, consider the adding the following clubs to your set!

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Common Myths and Common Misconceptions about Golf

Posted by Josh Sleiff on Mar 1, 2018 6:00:00 PM

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the country. It commands enormous media attention and draws players from all walks of life, ever year. No wonder, the US has the most number of Golf courses than any other country in the world at 15372 courses, which is 45% of the world total of 34011 courses.

Yet, compared to other games, Golf is rife with myths and misconceptions that keep surfacing time and again. Some of the more common golf myths and golf misconceptions that you would have heard are:

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Golf Course Rules and Etiquette for a great day at the Course

Posted by Josh Sleiff on Feb 15, 2018 5:30:04 PM

Golf Course Rules and Etiquette have evolved over the centuries to ensure fair play, long-term health of the course, a healthy camaraderie between players, and a pleasant experience overall. There are elaborate sections in popular Golf manuals around Do's and Don’ts on the course. Some of the salient points are:

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16 Must-Follow Facebook Pages About Golf

Posted by Josh Sleiff on Feb 2, 2018 12:48:51 PM

There is a plethora of Golf Facebook pages today, with each of them focused on a different aspect of the game. Given below is a list of top golf facebook pages that give you a more wholesome picture of the game.

1. Golfing World: This page gives you a sneak peek at exclusive golf events, exclusive golf tours and exclusive reviews of new courses from around the world. The information is presented in the form of videos. Amateurs can also look up instructions videos to pick up a tip or two.

2. Golf Channel Academy: One of the best golf facebook pages and a treat for amateur golfers who want to learn the game quickly. You can see a whole lot of instruction videos and connect with pros for tips. Learning Golf couldn’t get easier or smarter than this.

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Why Invest in a Golf Outing and How to Plan One

Posted by Josh Sleiff on Dec 28, 2017 7:45:00 PM

If you are planning a golf outing for the weekend or a holiday event, it’s a splendid thing to do. Golf outings are one of the most popular outdoor activities in the US, other than biking, hiking, backpacking, cycling, camping, fishing and long road-trips. It’s equally popular as an individual activity, a family outing or a corporate event.

Some of the reasons:

  1. A fine blend of leisure and activity: Spending 4-5 hours teeing on an 18-hole Golf course involves as much relaxing as concentration, and is worth your time. One does not feel the fatigue or boredom that comes from long hiking or road trips.
  2. Something for everybody in the family: Most Golf Clubs offer more than just Golf, so Golf aficionados, their spouses and children can all be equally engaged in a fun activity.
  3. Great food and drink: Golf Clubs, whether private or public offer a reasonably good fare when it comes to food and beverage, so you are spared the hassle of packing food for your outing.
  4. A taste of the high life: Golf Clubs host a wide spectrum of players from all walks of life. It gives you an opportunity to shake hands or spend time with accomplished people from your city.
  5. A great way to bond: Golf, like any other sport is filled with intricacies and playing tips that seniors are more than happy to share playing a few rounds with experienced players creates ‘mentor-mentee’ sessions which are good for bonding. Corporates especially enjoy this sentiment to strengthen their relationships with clients and prospects.
  6. Photographic haven: The rolling hills, lush green courses, sand dunes, beaches, lakes and tree-lined avenues that are found in most high-end courses, are a visual delight. They are free of the clutter that is common in most outdoor venues and make excellent backgrounds for photographs.
  7. More space, less crowd: Most Golf Clubs offer 18-hole courses with plenty of open spaces and avenues for entertainment. One can avoid the crowds and traffic which is typical of most public or tourist spots.
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History of Proper Golf Attire through the Centuries

Posted by Josh Sleiff on Nov 30, 2017 5:30:00 PM

Proper Golf attire has been one of the emphases in the game more than any other sport in the world. From eighteenth-century rural Scotland where Golf has its origins to the modern courses of today, Golf attire has a long and interesting history that has been dictated as much by function, as style. It’s been shaped by various factors such as weather conditions where the game is played, the season of the year, and the motivations of the players – love for the game, or business interest. Today, both golf clubs and championship tournaments have strict dress codes for a player, which has evolved with the times and trends.

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4 Best Golf Apps to Use While Traveling This Winter

Posted by Josh Sleiff on Nov 16, 2017 8:25:00 PM

While Golf remains one of the most popular sports in the US, in recent years, Golf apps for smartphones have helped bridge the information gap and popularize the game even more.  Learners, amateurs and experienced golfers are accessing Golf apps to record their game, analyze it, analyze their mind-frame, seek live guidance or just play a virtual game on their phones with buddies.

The popularity of Golf apps helps overcome some of its limitations. Learning the game involves familiarizing rules off a 200-page rule book. Further, in an increasingly hurried world, one does not have the time to spend years mastering the game. Quick guidance and quick information are always welcome. Further, Golf apps help break down barriers in what is regarded as an ‘elitist’ or ‘expensive’ game and bring a whole generation of golf lovers on a common platform.

So this winter, don’t be left behind when your friends or acquaintances are turning to Golf apps for various benefits. We will ensure you don’t, so we have compiled a short list of 4 apps that are good to have on your phone and used regularly.

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