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A job with a view: Working at Plymouth Country Club

Posted by Meg Maher on Sep 15, 2016 2:30:00 PM
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As I gaze out the window and see the sprinklers cast streams of droplets in the air, I realize that I am lucky to work in such a beautiful spot.  When I first arrived at Plymouth Country Club, I couldn't help but notice how breezy it is here.  I soon realized it's because we are on top of the world out here.

Perched atop a hill overlooking Plymouth Bay, the view from Plymouth Country Club is ever-changing.

IMG_7473.jpgThe color of the Bay changes in minutes from gray to midnight blue to turquoise and on this day, reflected pink from the sky...


The sunsets over the course are nothing less than stunning...every day something different, and I believe, it is a result of being up here--on the top of the world.


There are mountaintops higher and plains more far-reaching in this world, I know.  A sense of scale, however, can take your breath away when you see something as magnificent as this.


When the clouds roll in and the sun calls it a day, the colors spread accross the sky in a humbling way.  Never stagnant, the show is different night after night.


Even the gloomiest of days to most casts a blue-grey mist over the greens. 

When most people punching the timeclock look at 4 walls and a door during their day, I consider myself quite lucky to work in one of the prettiest places in Plymouth.  I know this is not the end to my waxing poetic about the sunsets and grandeur here but for now I remain humbled grateful to look out onto a beautiful spot.

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