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Colder weather means changing your golf habits

Posted by Meg Maher on Nov 2, 2017 3:00:00 PM
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As the temperatures drop here in Plymouth, so do the number of players on our beautiful course.  Colder weather doesn't mean the end of your golf game for the year!  A few changes to your habits from 'in-season' golfing can make all the difference in how your game goes in the chilly months.


Treat your equiptment differently

  • While you may leave your clubs in the trunk of your car during warmer months, you should change this habit as the thermostat drops.  Your equiptment will play differently after a night in a cold car trunk.  Make a habit of bringing your clubs inside at night.
  • Keep your balls warm!  Get your mind out of the gutter....your GOLF balls.  When playing a round of golf on a chilly day, keep your spare golf balls in your pocket so they are warm.  Believe it or not, cold balls are harder to hit!
  • Maintain  your shoes.  Keep your spikes free of debris and invest in some waterproofing for your golf shoes.  Your chance of slipping on wet grass increases if your spikes aren't working properly and wet feet on a cold day will only make you miserable.

Keep your body warm

  • This may seem obvious, but it still needs to be said.  Your body is prone to injury when muscles are cold, so wear layers that keep you dry and invest in gloves.  A hat keeps your body heat from escaping through your head.
  • Keep moving!  Taking a brisk walk before your round or doing a few more warm-up exercises will help your muscles get nice and loose for your game.

Adjust your swing

  • San Juan Oaks Golf Club sites "A cold wind may inspire you to swing harder than you normally do. However, trying to hit the ball harder can have disastrous effects on your swing, causing your shots to hook sharply. Instead, adjust your swing to give your shots a shallower arc. By reducing the height of your shots, you give the ball greater forward velocity, helping it to push through cold winter air. Hold your dominant shoulder slightly lower than your other shoulder, and shift your stance so that you make contact with the ball towards the back of your stance."


We are hearty folk in New England and we certainly don't let a little chill in the air keep us from the sport we love!  Enjoy this less-crowded time on your favorite course and take the steps above to ensure a fantastic round even in the briskest of conditions.  Happy Golfing!

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