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Golf Course Rules and Etiquette for a great day at the Course

Posted by Josh Sleiff on Feb 15, 2018 5:30:04 PM

Golf Course Rules and Etiquette have evolved over the centuries to ensure fair play, long-term health of the course, a healthy camaraderie between players, and a pleasant experience overall. There are elaborate sections in popular Golf manuals around Do's and Don’ts on the course. Some of the salient points are:

  • Attire: Most golf clubs have regulations around attire. Be aware of this or call the club ahead of your game and dress accordingly.
  • Having the right equipment: You are expected to have a good mix of golf clubs like putters, wedges, irons, woods and hybrids so you don’t end up borrowing equipment from other players. You can carry up to 14 clubs in your golf bag and no more.
  • Tee time: Reserve your playing time by calling the club in advance. This is important as most clubs get crowded on weekdays and holidays and getting the right time-slot can be a challenge.
  • Being on time, warming up: Once you have scheduled the tee-time, arrive at the club 45 minutes in advance and play some practice shots. This way, your companions will not be stressed. Further, if you miss your schedule, finding an alternate one on a busy day can be a challenge.
  • Pace of the game: Ready Golf is the best way to speed up your game. Also, be aware of player groups who are waiting for you to complete and be quick on your strokes.
  • Recognizing markers: Markers are small colored cones, or some indicators kept on the course to indicate where you must place the ball. Place the ball in line with a marker or two club-lengths behind it but never ahead of a marker.
  • Waiting for your turn or not: Generally, the player who has most honors plays first from the teeing ground. On subsequent tees, the player with the highest score on the preceding hole plays first, followed by the second highest and so on.
  • Good behavior: While your companions are playing their stroke or putting, avoid talking, whispering, talking on the mobile or giving advice on how to swing. Further, ensure your shadow does not fall on the playing line of the other player’s stroke, and if it cannot be helped, stand absolutely still.
  • Ball marks and divots: When the ball lands on the course from a height, it creates a mark on the green. Use the tool provided by your golf club to repair ball marks. Divots are pieces of grass or turf that get torn out from your shoes or a badly executed swing. You are expected to arrange the divot in its original place, or fill up the cavity with sand and seed provided by your club.
  • Respecting line and distance: Never stand in the line of a player’s stroke as it can be distracting. Also, wait for the group ahead of you to clear the course before you stroke.
  • Know your skill level and handicap: Depending on your handicap or skill level, choose the right distance from the hole to play your stroke. Else you could frustrate yourself with too many strokes and hold up the game for others.
  • Play it as it lies: While the ball is on the putting green, you are allowed to pick it up and clean it. Otherwise, you are not allowed to touch or move the ball, and must play it as and where it lies.
  • Cart Etiquette: Golf carts must be parked on the side of the greens preferably close to the hole where you must play next. This way, you will not distract other players by moving your cart up and down their playing line.
  • Go easy on the beer: Beverages are provided just to refresh you on a hot day. Downing too many beers can distract you and waste other’s time, while having a little too much can embarrass your companions.
  • Leave your ego at home: You could be having a bad day, and some of your strokes may be poor. Avoid swearing or throwing your club on the ground, unless you want to be pulled up by other players, or your golf club.

End of the day, a game of golf is meant to be fun. Golf course rules and etiquette have been created precisely to help you have fun and enjoy a great day at the course. Plymouth Countly Club is the course where you finally shoot your lowest score and the place to make plenty of new friends while doing it. Our Spring Golf Membership is a great option for those looking to lower their scores this upcoming spring season

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