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Spring Golf Tips for Putting Green Success

Posted by Mike Roy on Apr 16, 2018 8:30:00 PM

It is the goal of every golfer to have as few putts as possible in their round. Often regarded as the most important part of one’s game, putting is the easiest facet to practice. Being a great putter is largely about confidence and positive thinking. If you can develop a routine that is deliberate, and that you can repeat every time it will help you commit to each putt. Follow these tips for putt green success and lower your scores on the course this Spring!

Read Green

When reading a green, your first instinct is best. Study a putt for too long, and you’ll end up seeing things that aren’t there. When you reach the green, picture a clock on top of the hole, with six o’clock pointing at your ball. As you assess your line, imagine where on the clock your putt will roll over and fall into the cup. If you have an uphill putt, read from behind the ball. If downhill read from behind the hole.

Putter grip

Place your hands on the clubs with your palms facing each other. With this putter grip, wrist movement will be eliminated and you will have more control of your stroke. With thumbs on top and the index finger under the shaft, you are able to gain touch.Your hands should be directly under your shoulders and you should have a slight bend in your elbows. Forearms must be parallel to each other, maintaining the same place throughout the stroke.


So much of good putting is just positive thinking because the actual stroke is very simple, the focus should be on maintaining pace and balance. Be most concerned with your ball's speed on the green. Using the described grip, address the ball and smoothly make your stroke. Aim to leave the ball within a five-foot circle to limit three putts.

Putting is perhaps the most important element of your golf game. Eliminating three putts from your scorecard will begin to pay dividends in a lower handicap. By placing an importance on the items covered in here, you will be able to play greens with confidence this spring. Developing consistency will be a round by round process, but sticking to a routine and applying necessary focus will help you have more success on the putting green! Plymouth Country Club has several membership options available to golfer's looking to put their putting skills to the test. Download our Spring Membership Fact Sheet and learn more today!

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