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The biggest golf myths

Posted by A.J. Petrulak on Jun 8, 2017 3:30:00 PM

The one thing golf fanatics might enjoy doing more than actually playing the game of golf? Talking about the game of golf. Everyone has their opinions on the swing, the strategy and the way the game should be played.

Over the course of years and years of people talking about golf, plenty of myths have risen from the deepest discussions about the game we know and love. Here are the biggest myths in golf and why you should ignore them.

Myth #1: You're lifting your head

You know the drill. You swing hard, make contact with just the top of the ball, and you watch as it soars a whopping 30 yards into the fescue in front of you. That old reliable swing coach of a friend chimes in "you lifted your head!"

This statement is true only a small portion of the time. In reality, what's most likely happening is you're coming from too far inside so that your club bottoms out WAY too early and catches the ball on the upswing.

There are plenty of drills to help you avoid this including this one.



Just remember the next time you top the ball to try to swing a little more outside to in to prevent your club from bottoming out. Trying too hard to keep your head down will likely not make much of a difference and might even take some yards off your shot. 

Myth #2: There is a perfect swing

If you watch enough professional golf, you know that there are differences between each player's swings. Sometimes subtle, sometimes drastic. That's no coincidence. Everyone has something in their swing that works for them, but might not work for others. Every swing is unique.

One of the biggest golf myths is that there is a perfect golf swing and that you need to mirror that in your own swing. That's innefective and frankly, impossible.

Look at Jack Nicklaus, for instance. Or Bubba Watson. Both of these players are VERY active with their lower body during their swing. Something that a "perfect swing" would discourage. But it works for them and both of them are major champions.



Obviously, a good swing tip can go a long way if it's necessary. But you should also embrace the quirks in your swing that help you.

Myth #3: You need to hit the range first to play well

So many people swear by hitting a bucket of balls before they hit the first tee. But the truth is, some people just don't need it and for some, it can actually hurt their game.


Normally, when you go to the driving range, you're there to work on your swing and make some adjustments. Right before an actual round though? You don't want to be making major changes. This could potentially throw off any rhythm you had going in your season and lead to a day of hooks and slices.

A few balls just to get loose is fine. But don't turn a simple warmup into a swing overhaul.

Myth #4: Golf is all mental

A good strategy and confidence in your swing can go a long way, but you can't just rely on your strengths on the mental side to shoot low scores. Having a repeatable and strong golf swing gets left out in this popular golf myth. You have to put the work in to go low.


There is such a thing as "golf shape". Look at the majority of pro golfers today. There's a reason many of them spend their off days in the gym. Nothing is going to help you become a better golfer quite like playing lots and lots of golf and taking care of yourself physically. Don't rely on just a positive attitude.

Myth #5: The equipment doesn't make the golfer

Ok, this one is kind of true. Your equipment is NOT going to carry you all the way to becoming a scratch golfer. But, the importance of quality, working equipment cannot be ingnored.

You're not going to be able to shoot in the 70's with that hickory driver from 1930. Treat yourself to modern technology and see the difference off the tee. There's a reason they're making courses longer...

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