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The smallest details matter-table numbers

Posted by Meg Maher on Apr 27, 2017 4:05:00 PM
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In this next installment of 'the smallest details matter' I will be addressing what can be literally the smallest item you may need to think of at your event!  TABLE NUMBERS!  Seems silly...almost insignificant, right?  Well, as I pointed out last time, the details set the tone for the whole event.  When every detail works together you create an unforgettable time.

So you are planning an anniversary party...a wedding...a retirement...what ever the occasion is, there are times that you will want to seat certain guests at certain places.  Whether you just want to be sure Aunt Sally gets to sit with her sister or you are serving a plated meal where the caterer needs to know that Aunt Sally needs the gluten free chicken at table 8, a seating plan can be most helpful in running a smooth event.  Every party doesn't call for assigned seating, but when it does, I urge you to pay attention to the way you label the tables.

The simplest way to label a table is with a classic number such as these:

table numbers 4.jpg

A delicate watercolor floral detail makes these numbers beautiful

table numbers 11.jpgA bit of 'bling' is becoming more and more popular...these glitter numbers add glamour, but they can be done just as easily in rustic unfinished wood or a solid color

table numbers 3.jpg

These frames have character but go together simply because of their color.  Chalkboard paint inside has turned them from frame to table number!

Some hosts go a bit further and decide to incorporate their table numbers into the theme of the event.  Pictured below are some examples:  A burlap tag attached to a lantern centerpiece is a great way to work a table number into a centerpiece without it looking out of place.  A small notebook for guests to write messages in creates a keepsake as well as a table number.  Photos of a bride and groom at certain ages to mark tables is a great conversation starter as well as a fun project.

table numbers 5.jpgtable numbers 2.jpgtable numbers 1.jpg

Not all tables need numbers!  Some tables are NAMED instead of numbered!  Things such as travel destinations, couples in literature or even song lyrics can be used as an interesting way to label a guest's table.

table numbers 7.jpgtable numbers 9.jpgtable numbers 8.jpg

So as you can see...this seemingly small detail really can add quite a bit of character to any event!  The next time you think of seating Aunt Sally at table #8, remember she is going to be looking at that number all evening...make sure it puts a smile on her face!


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