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The smallest details matter...transportation

Posted by Meg Maher on Aug 24, 2017 5:00:00 PM
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How you and your guests arrive and depart from your wedding or special event is often something that is easily looked over.  Once they do get there, where will they park?  Not something you it?  Well it may not be a small detail, but it certainly does matter!  In today's blog post I will address the logistics of transportation and parking for weddings and special events.


When hosting an event at a large venue such as a hotel or a function hall, the question of whether there will be ample parking is usually moot.  One question to address, however, is whether this parking is complimentary or not.  Many large hotels in major cities charge a premium to park.  When hosting an event at such a hotel, proper ettiquite is to pay for your guests' parking.  This can be a large added expense to anyone's budget, so looking at it before you select your venue is essential.  Expecting your guests to arrive for your soiree in a new dress, possibly take time off of work, maybe stay overnight in a hotel and arrive with a gift is enough... having them pay an exorbitant parking fee is just rude.

free parking.jpgSo your venue has free parking?  FANTASTIC!  Is it close enough to the door that your guests don't have to walk too far?  At Plymouth Country Club guests are shuttled from the parking lot to the front door via golf carts!  Does your venue allow guests to leave a car overnight if alternate transportation is needed to get home?  It is a good question to ask...

school bus.jpg

If your guests are staying in a nearby hotel, or if your ceremony and reception are a distance apart...or perhaps if you just don't want anyone drinking and driving...providing shuttle service for your event is fantastic.  From limousine companies all the way to your local school bus company, so many are hopping on this bandwagon.  First Student Bus Service is a local company here in MA that provides wedding transportation.  What a fun and nostalgic way to travel on your wedding day! (not to mention affordable!) Kenny's Coach and Trolley in Plymouth can provide romantic white trolley cars to transport your guests to and from your reception in style!


I know it seems hard to imagine, but I have seen more than one wedding where the Bride and Groom neglected to arrange their OWN transportation after the reception!  Yes...I have driven a wedding party back to a hotel in my mini van!  Thinking about every moment of your special day means thinking of how  you will get to and from each location safely.  No one wants to worry about drinking and driving, so do yourself a favor and hire a car ahead of time to pick you up at the end of your event.  You will be so glad you did!

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