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Top 10 Golfing New Year's Resolutions

Posted by Meg Maher on Dec 21, 2017 8:15:00 PM
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The end of another year is looming and folks start to think about setting New Years' Resolutions.  This year, why not make yourself some GOLF resolutions?  Below are my top 10 suggestions for a great golf resolution...but let me know what YOURS is!

1.  Dress the part.  Up your style quota a little and invest in some great-fitting and stylish golf clothes.  If all else fails and you are questioning what to wear on the links, dress UP, not down.dressed up golf.jpg2.  Participate in more charity outings.  Or even ONE charity outing.  The entry fee is tax deductible, the raffles are usually exceptional and you can feel good about taking off work for golf!  If you are lucky enough to help PLAN a charity outing, even better!  Check out what PCC offers for outings! 
3.  Play with some newbies.  If you belong to a club, you know the feeling when you first joined was one of mixed excitement and aprehension.  Now that you have been there for years, why not pay it forward and reach out to some new members to play a round or two with?  You might just end up with some great new friends.
4.  Try a different golf ball.  GASP!  What?!?!  But I love my Titleist Pro V1!  No other ball will do!  How do you know until you TRY?  What an experiment...try 5 different balls in as many weeks and end the season with your favorite.
5.  Take a golf vacation.  Even if you don't utilize the whole vacation for golf, try to fit in a round or two in a new location.  Playing at higher elevations or with different weather conditions will be a whole new experience!
6.  Play with a kid.  Remember how excited you used to get about golf?  It wasn't frustrating or stressful.  It was FUN.  Playing with a kid will remind you that patience and enthusiasm can go a long way.  You can also pass along the love of a sport that lasts a lifetime!  kid-golf.jpg
7.  Call out a friend for being childish or hotheadded.  This goes along with #6...remember that golf is supposed to be FUN.  Remind those dudes you are playing with that throwing their club only raises their blood pressure, and doesn't improve their game.
8.  Play Mini Golf.  YEP!  MINI GOLF.  Make putting practice fun and involve the whole family!
9.  Walk more, drive less.  Golf Digest sited this as a resolution for 2016 and I maintain it is still a great goal.  The more steps you get in, the better your cardiovascular health is.  Enjoy the walk...your sport has the most beautiful playing surface in the world!
10.  Support your pro shop.  You walk through every time you tee off.  Remember, this is someone's small business most likely.  Try to purchase even the small stuff at  your home club and show your pro some love!

What I wish for you in the new year most of all is that you continue to love the game.  Comment below on what your goals are for 2018 on the links!  Happy Golfing and Happy New Year!

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