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Weekday savings this Holiday Season!

Posted by Meg Maher on Nov 1, 2016 3:08:00 PM
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Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the cost of Holiday Entertaining?  You are not alone!


According to "While businesses vary wildly in degrees of success (or struggle) and in terms of size, a solid rule of thumb is planning to spend $75 per person for the holiday party. So if you have 10 employees, consider shelling out $750.  A study conducted by HR consulting company ERC last year gives a nice snapshot of holiday party data in the middle of the country, showing 73% of all companies surveyed were planning some sort of holiday celebration. So if you’re thinking about skimping on a party altogether, you may be in the minority."

There are several ways to stay on budget, and not become a SCROOGE this Holiday season!

  • Consider a cooperative holiday party such as the Plymouth Country Club Jingle Ball if you are a small business and feel like your party of 10 may be lack-luster.
  • Entertain during the week!  Many places will give discounts for Monday-Thursday parties.  Plymouth Country Club is offering a reduced room rate for weekday Holiday parties!
  • Ask your employees what THEY would value in a party...perhaps the open bar isn't the priority for your peeps after all!  Most employees would be thrilled to have input as to how the Holiday budget is spent.

Having a budget and needing to look for savings is not a shows that you care about your employees, but you also care about the health of the business.  Check out the options Plymouth Country Club has for your entertaining needs, and you will be sure to be 'decking the halls' with your Holiday Spirit!

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