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Why a Golf Country Club is a Great Investment

Posted by Mike Roy on Oct 6, 2017 7:00:00 PM

Golf remains one of the most popular non-team sports in the USA. In Spring 2017, 25.96 million Americans played golf across ages, categories, formats and locations (source: The US has the most number of courses in the world. There are as many as 15,372 courses across the country, which accounts for 45 percent of all courses across the world (source:

Golf aficionados are spoilt for choice as there are innumerable middle-of-the-road Golf courses in every major city and town, offering various categories of membership. However, in recent years, Golf Country Clubs are emerging as an attractive option for several reasons – financial and otherwise.

Here are some reasons why a golf country club is a great investment:

  • Network with the who’s who of your business circles
  • Cost-effective
  • Polish your game
  • Participate in fun tournaments
  • Combine playing, with a vacation


Some of the reasons to invest in a Golf Country Club(GCC)

NEtwork with the who's of your business circles

Golf is the sport of business. According to a study, company heads (CXOs) who don’t play golf are paid 17% less than those who do, on an average (source: There are various reasons for this.

  1. Golf is safe and does not cause as much cardiovascular exertion as sports like tennis would.

  2. The handicap system lets players with different abilities play with each other which makes it more fun and less discriminative.

  3. In a four-hour session of golf, less than half of the time is spent on actually swinging, while the rest is spent in talking shop. This leaves you with plenty of time to know your customer or prospect (or boss) better and build a rapport with the person.

cost effective

A GCC is more cost-effective than membership at a down-the-road country club. A GCC offers food, beverages and various amenities or services with focus on golf. If you play 30 plus rounds in a year, you could be paying for more amenities that you don't use, which is expensive.

Participate in fun tournaments

There are a whole lot of non-professional and amateur golf championships that are held all through the year. It’s easier for the member of a GCC to enroll for such tournaments than if you are just anybody, most GCCs also have competitions among themselves, so there’s plenty of game, networking and entertainment available for you.


Memberships at most GCCs are designed in such a way, that you pay lesser when you play more. This helps you fine-tune your game without blowing a hole in your pocket.

Combine playing golf, with a vacation

Most GCCs are located in the suburbs, in well-chosen locales with good connectivity. This provides an opportunity to enjoy a long weekend or a vacation with plenty of game. 


With the Spring season underway, Plymouth CC has many options available to those considering Country Club membership. Before you dive in, learn more about Plymouth Country Club Spring Membership. It may be one of the smartest decisions you have made.

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