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The smallest details matter--the bar

Posted by Meg Maher on Jul 6, 2017 2:55:00 PM
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You may not consider the bar at your event to be a 'small detail' and you would be correct!  What you might not realize are the little ways you can make the bar at your next event unique and memorable.

Having a signature cocktail or two is a fun way to incorporate a particular color or favorite flavor to your party.  Rock in Chalk creates custom signature drink signs so your guests know what is being offered.  Signage makes a great decoration as well as informs guests whether the bar is open or cash, and what is available.

signature drinks.jpg  open bar sign.jpg

The actual structure you decide to stage your bar on can make a big impact as well!  You can rent custom bars that go from rustic to sleek and everywhere in between:  Cort Events is a national company that rents all types of stylish bars for your soiree.  And locally, here in MA, Rentals Unlimited is a great resource for all your bar needs.

green bar.jpg   rental bar.jpg

wine barrel bar.jpg  trough bar.jpg

The bar is somewhere your guests spend a considerable amount of time during your want them to not only feel welcome, but also make "the feel" of your event flow as easily as the wine does.  Make sure your bar is large enough to host one bartender per 75 guests, and the space around the bar doesn't feel crowded.  You only want to put the 'pretty items' such as bottles and garnishes and glassware in front of a guest.  Make sure you have an area such as a back-bar to store chilling tubs and all the necessities.

gin bar.jpg   whiskey bar.jpg

Theme bars can be great...but be cautious and think of who you are inviting.  Be aware that not everyone will enjoy a whiskey bar or local craft beers.  Offer plenty of non-alcoholic refreshments and have some "basic" beverages available for the less adventurous in your crowd.

Following these tips and refering to my previous blog post Entertaining Made Easy will help you provide a fantastic bar at your next party!  Cheers!!

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